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Tenterfield NSW 2372, Australia

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Interlude is a community singing group founded in February 2023 and situated in Tenterfield Australia. We currently have 18 members over the age of 55 and accept members from 16 years of age and over.    Our emphasis is on creating an environment to support mental health wellbeing and enjoyable social interaction. Singing in a group has so many benefits from increasing confidence, helping to identify and express feelings to developing a sense of community.    Interlude specifically seeks out members who love to sing but have trouble singing in tune or have never believed they are good enough to sing outside the shower. We also welcome instrumentalists that may bring a portable instrument to assist with accompaniment or to just play along for enjoyment.    At this stage, Interlude members primarily sing in unison, however we have added some harmony to two songs. The more we sing together the greater our confidence builds and our vocal skills.     In July of this year we conducted our first Family and Friends Concert which was a great opportunity to share our love of singing (and our nerves) with those closest to us. If you would like to hear us sing, click on the youtube link which will take you to an audio recording of our first concert.    Interlude Concert     In November we held a small concert at our local nursing home which was appreciated greatly by the residents and enjoyed by ourselves.    Our final event will be held on 14th December 2023 as we join with families and other organizations in our local park for a Christmas celebration.    We’ll leave you with some interesting trivia about our hometown of Tenterfield.    On 24 October 1889 Henry Parkes delivered a speech at the Tenterfield School of Arts on the need for the Australian colonies to federate into one nation. Australia became a federated nation on 1 January 1901.    Tenterfield Oration     “Australian singer and songwriter, Peter Allen, was born Peter Woolnough on February 10, 1944 at the Prince Albert Memorial Hospital in Tenterfield”. Although raised in Tenterfield, he “.. immortalised his birthplace, the quiet country town of Tenterfield, in a song that pays tribute to his grandfather, George Woolnough, Tenterfield Saddler. This is one of Peter’s most recognisable songs and made the town a mecca for Peter Allen fans around the world.”    Peter Allen