Om vårt kor

Nittedal, Norge

30 Medlemmer

Vår nettside


Caldera is a women's choir based in Nittedal, Norway, with ambitions to maintain a high musical level.    As part of achieving this, we participate in international competitions every other year. We have experienced that this helps to improve our choir, and it gives us inspiration to meet choirs from other countries, both by seeing and hearing how they perform songs. This year we participated in Interkultur Lisbon Sings, and achieved gold diploma in both equal voices and folklore.    In addition, we have seminars two weekends a year, often with various external contributors such as e.g. other conductors, voice specialists, etc.    Our repertoire ranges from Nystedt to Ramstein - and we take all genres equally seriously.    We are happy to collaborate with other choirs, musicians and artists, and we also add simple choreography if the song "requires" it.