About our choir

Weinheim, Germany

56 Members


The Winehouses, a captivating mixed choir from Weststadt in Weinheim, has embarked on an impressive journey. Founded in 2019, their musical odyssey faced a pandemic-induced challenge, yet the majority resiliently stuck together, meeting online or in gardens weekly with admirable determination.    Through a creative recruitment effort, the choir experienced exponential growth, doubling its members and reaching its current impressive size. This popularity led to the formation of a second choir, Westside Sound, in September 2023.    This vibrant community reflects diverse personalities creating harmonious melodies, turning the choir into a tightly-knit musical family. The heart of The Winehouses is undoubtedly the choir director, who not only holds the group together but also empowers them to continuously evolve musically.    In April 2023, the choir shone in its first major concert, a sold-out success. Anticipation for the next event on March 9, 2024, featuring Westside Sound and Vocal Vibes from Italy, is palpable. Titled "Happy Together," the concert promises an exhilarating blend of yesterday and today's pop hits. From Lady Gaga's "Hold My Hand" to Coldplay's "Yellow" and Adele's "Someone Like You," the audience is in for a musical spectacle. The Winehouses are ready to conquer the stage once again, captivating the audience with a harmonious fusion of voices.     Find more information on our website