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Sandefjord, Norge

22 Members


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06:45 PM - 09:45 PM

Sandefjord videregående skole
They say that music is the language of the soul, and this is absolutely true for Terrablue Voices. The ensemble's philosophy is about sampling moods and lived experiences. Our Earth appears blue from a distance. We are a whole. Yet, there are such great differences and so many destinies, both good and bad. Creating shared musical experiences that unite and touch people is deeply rooted in the identity of Terrablue Voices.    Terrablue Voices is an ambitious, rhythmic vocal ensemble with around 16 singers based in Sandefjord/Tønsberg in Vestfold, Norway. Most of the singers have musical education. The ensemble was founded by conductor and artistic director Kicki Gidefeldt in 2016 as her master's project in rhythmic choir conducting at the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg/Aarhus. The idea was to develop the "intelligent choir" through "Vocal Painting" and improvisation. Vocal Painting is a compositional sign language in the moment, providing endless possibilities for musical and creative expression.    Terrablue Voices' repertoire ranges from Norwegian and international pop music, through folk music to self-composed music and improvisation. The music is performed a cappella. As an ensemble, we want to keep our finger on the pulse of the world. Recently, our Nordic identity has been a significant focus. Nordic and especially Norwegian artists are a great inspiration for the arrangements we perform. We are exploring our sound in this music with the project Nordic Sounds. In time, an entire album will be produced and released on digital platforms.