About our choir

Åkersberga, Sweden

37 Members


The chamber choir Non Silentium is a part of the Swedish Church in Österåker north of Stockholm. We sing a cappella as well as with an orchestra and we hold approximately two concerts each term. Of course, we also participate in the congregation's high masses.    The choir has always been interested in musical development and we like to try different concert forms and artistic expressions. In 2017, we did this in the Swedish Folkopera's production of God in Disguise (L-E Larsson), where we participated as one of several choirs.    Non Silentium has made several trips abroad and, among other things, participated in choral festivals in Italy, Turkey, Malta and Spain. In 2018, we were awarded gold at level 6 in the category Sacred choral music at the choir competition Canta al mar in Barcelona, ​​which can be equated with what the very best Swedish amateur choirs have managed to in similar competitions. In 2023, we participated in the choir competition Lisbon Sings in Portugal and once again managed to bring home a gold diploma.