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Brasília - Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil

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Hi all!    We are the Coral Jovem de Brasília (“Brasilia’s Youth Choir”): a group that loves to sing and spread love, hope and peace for over 20 years. Our headquarters are at the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brasília, Federal District. From there, we have traveled to several Brazilian states, as well as Mozambique, the United States and Peru. Over the years, we have produced three DVDs - O Encontro, Jornada de Esperança and Para Sempre - and two CDs entitled O Centro de Tudo and O Infinito. We also released several   singles covering themes about love, sacrifice, forgiveness and surrender to God.    We are involved in solidarity actions and musical performances on commemorative dates, such as Easter and Christmas.    Since 2020 we have been under the direction of conductor Marcelo Carvalho. We accept any challenge and are willing to help you have a lighter and more loving experience through music. Just call us!    Watch here our latest video: “Bondade de Deus - Goodness of God”